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Computation of perspective KRISO containership towing tests

ImageComputation of the ship hull flow with help of complexes of hydrodynamical analysis now gets the increasing practical value in the domestic and foreign organizations. Definition of the stream flowing near the hull of a vessel, at early stages of its designing allows solving qualitatively tasks of optimization of the hull form and configuration of the appendages; studying of operating conditions of thrusters, steering devices and bow thrusters; definition of trim of high-speed crafts; definition of engine plant power of the vessel. However it is clear that all aforementioned advantages of the computational fluid dynamics methods can be fully implemented only under condition of a good coordination of received results with the most reliable experimental and theoretical data.
The report is devoted to a series of calculations of perspective containership towing resistance, executed in a program complex "FlowVision".

The ship developed in the Korea Research Institute for Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO). The object of studying represents the modern large cargo ship intended for transportation of containers of the international standard (TEU) on ocean lines with high operational speed.
Download: A. Pechenyuk: Computation of perspective KRISO containership towing tests with the help of the complex of hydrodynamical analysis "VlowVision", 2009 year. PDF, 645 KB

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